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More info

Yes! It’s that time again! What are you thinking about? Have they thought about this, did they thought about that? What if something goes wrong? Where do i leave my beers and how come the guy who’s does all the writing on this website is so hilarious, funny and handsome?

We will answer all you questions via the contact page, trust me. But first, take your time and read the bullet point down here. Take your drink, relax and fill your mind with peace and quiet while reading the answers on the questions you didn’t even know you had 😉

What do i have to do to be granted access to such a great event?

Well, our shop is still under construction. For now just make sure you use your vacation days for this event.

What must i arrange myself?

Oeh! Good one! And this is an important one: The first night, in Antwerp, you’ll have to make your own sleep accommodations, sleep with friends maybe? The last night as well, as we don’t know if you love a certain bed, clowns wagon or tent it’s all up to you. Just make sure you have the correct dates with your place of stay.

Price you say? Shop you say? Prey tell?

Nothing comes free, it’s a shame, i know. The ticket for this event will cost arround € 180,–. If we can find the same quality for a lower price, everybody get’s a refund for the overpaid amount.

How about bars and bathroom breaks?

Well, about the same as last year. I think we finally got the hang of it. Besides we’ll have a car with us all the way (except the last day).

A car? But we bike right?

Hell yes! and we don’t walk either! But just to be sure of it, we’re gonna make sure is you crash and your bike isn’t in one piece anymore, we’ll give you a lift. Don’t forget to tip your chauffeur.


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