Taking You Across The Border

That’s right, we’ve combined our international power to make the greatest cruise yet! Not only will you be seeing our southern neighbours but we’re gonna drink their beer, eat their food and kill their miles!

Day 1. Tuesday the 24th of July 

We’re gonna meet up at a lovely nice pub nearby Antwerp Central for that awesome Meet and Greet, which let’s be honest has always been too long. No riding today but let’s face it, your liver needs the warmup for the next days to come.

Day 2. Wednesday the 25th of July

Bye bye Belgium! Thanks for the beers and hangover, but a brother’s gotta ride, back to the Netherlands! Al the way to the Netherlands in one day? Hell to the yes! It’s not that far, you’ve had worse 😉 Besides, drinking beer in two country’s in one day by bike? Awesome right ?!?And don’t worry about that great night you’ll be having, it’s all been taken care of.

Estimated distance: ± 80 km.

Day 3. Thursday the 26st of July

It’s time to trade in the people with the soft G’s for the beach and the peeps with a little different accent. The Hague, here we come! This trip you’ll find all kind of people with great accents, the rolling R’s, the growling G’s and even some people with a potato in their throats. Gotta love the variety because we can encounter them all! It’s a wild bunch those dutchies…

Estimated distance: ± 55 km.

Day 4. Friday the 27th of July

You can feel where this is going right? That’s right, it’s that little place where you can get anything your heart desires, the place which feels like a warm blanket one a cold day, that place in which you can do everything in one evening and not remember a bloody thing the next morning. Thank heavens for camera phones 😀 AMSTERDAM here we come! And this will be our home for the next two nights. A little hint for where we’re going: it starts with an “C” and ends with “amping Zeeburg”

Estimated distance: ± 62 km.

Day 5. Saturday the 28th of July

Say what now? I thought the CSI would only last 4 days? Ah well, last year we had so much fun with the swap meat, that awesome food truck and we can’t let our friends at the Cruise Inn down now, can we? Perhaps a little cruise for the ones who think rinding over 200 km’s through two countries drinking a butt load of beer and booze and already seen by a massive amount of people isn’t enough! Well you got me, let’s take a little trip then 🙂 But after that we’re gonna drink some beers, watch some music being played and just enjoy each others company, because this will be the last evening of this CSI. Cheers my brothers and sisters!

Estimated distance: ± 10 – 15 km.

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